英 ['tʃaʊdə] 美 ['tʃaʊdɚ]
  • n. (美)杂脍;海鲜杂烩浓汤
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chowder 杂烩羹

原指一种法国的大锅,来自cauldron,词源同calorie, 卡路里。

chowder: [18] Chowder, a North American seafood soup, probably takes its name from the pot in which it was originally cooked – French chaudière ‘stew pot’. This came from late Latin caldāria ‘pot’, a descendant of Latin calidārium ‘hot bath’ (which lies behind English cauldron); this in turn was a derivative of the adjective calidus ‘warm’.
=> calorie, cauldron
chowder (n.)
1751, American English, apparently named for the pot it was cooked in: French chaudière "a pot" (12c.), from Late Latin caldaria (see caldron). The word and the practice introduced in Newfoundland by Breton fishermen, and spreading thence to New England.
CHOWDER. A favorite dish in New England, made of fish, pork, onions, and biscuit stewed together. Cider and champagne are sometimes added. Pic-nic parties to the sea-shore generally have a dish of chowder, prepared by themselves in some grove near the beach, from fish caught at the same time. [John Russell Bartlett, "Dictionary of Americanisms," 1859]
The derogatory chowderhead (1819) is a corruption of cholter-head (16c.), from jolthead, which is of unknown origin.
1. Would you like chowder or chicken noodle?

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2. She would make clam chowder every Sunday night, clam chowder and combread.
她每个星期天都做蛤肉杂烩, 蛤肉杂烩和玉米饼.

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3. Chicken vegetable or clam chowder.

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4. Today we have chicken noodle, tomato and clam chowder.
女招待:今天有鸡面 、 蕃茄、杂烩汤.


5. Another version of clam chowder has tomato sauce. It looks red.


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