英 [,fræn(d)ʒɪ'pɑːnɪ] 美 [,frændʒɪ'pæni]
  • n. 赤素馨花所制的香水;赤素馨花
  • n. (Frangipani)人名;(意)弗兰吉帕尼
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frangipani 鸡蛋花树

一种西印度群岛开花植物。来自16世纪意大利贵族Marquis Muzio Frangipani, 以致敬其对香水发展做出的贡献。其字面意思为施舍面包者,frangi-, 破开,词源同fragment, pani, 面包,词源同company.

frangipani (n.)
common name of a type of flowering shrub from the West Indies, also fdrangipane, 1670s, for a perfume that had its odor, from French frangipane (16c.), said to be from Frangipani, the family name of the Italian inventor.
FRANGIPANI, an illustrious and powerful Roman House, which traces its origin to the 7th c., and attained the summit of its glory in the 11th and 12th centuries. ... The origin of the name Frangipani is attributed to the family's benevolent distribution of bread in time of famine. ["Chambers's Encyclopædia," 1868]
Frangipane as a type of pastry is from 1858.
1. Frangipani Fragrance. Fragrances are an inexpensive way to perfume unscented hair products and Body Oils.
赤素馨花香油, 这款是使发部和身体散发香味的不贵的香油.


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