英 ['febrɪfjuːdʒ] 美 ['fɛbrɪ,fjʊdʒ]
  • adj. 退热的;解热的
  • n. [药] 退热药;解热药
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febrifuge 退热药

febri, 发烧,词源同fever. -fug, 逃避,词源同fugitive. 用来指退热药。

febrifuge (n.)
"medicine that reduces fever," 1680s, from French fébrifuge, literally "driving fever away," from Latin febris (see fever) + fugare "cause to flee, put to flight, drive off, chase away, rout," also used in reference to banishment and exile, derived verb from fuga "flight," from PIE *bhug-a-, suffixed form of root *bheug- (1) "to flee" (see fugitive (adj.)).