英 [kə'nuːd(ə)l] 美
  • vi. 爱抚;搂颈亲热
  • vt. 爱抚而说服
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canoodle 亲吻爱抚

可能来自canoe, 原指小情侣逃避长辈对婚姻的干涉,驾舟远离。

canoodle (v.)
"to indulge in caresses and fondling endearments" [OED], by 1850s, said to be U.S. slang, of uncertain origin. The earliest known sources are British, but they tend to identify the word as American. In the 1830s it seems to have been in use in Britain in a sense of "cheat" or "overpower." Related: Canoodled; canoodling.