• adj. 疯狂的;神经错乱的
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doolally 发疯

来自印度地名Deolali, 19世纪孟买附近的一个小村庄,英国士兵出入印度的中转站,通常到这个地方的士兵都会有一种发疯的冲动,正如人们对印度的评价爱之如天堂,恨之如地狱。

doolally (adj.)
"insane, eccentric," British slang, by 1917 in the armed services and in full doolally tap (with Urdu word for "fever"), from Deolali, near Bombay, India, which was a military camp (established 1861) with a large barracks and a chief staging point for British troops on their way to or from India; the reference is to men whose enlistments had expired who waited there impatiently for transport home.
1. The poor chap's gone doolally.


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