英 ['retɪkjuːl] 美 ['rɛtɪkjul]
  • n. 手提袋,网袋(女用的)
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reticule 手提袋,

来自法语 reticule,发网,来自拉丁语 reticulum,小网,来自 rete,网,-cul,小词后缀。后用于指 手提袋,特别是女用网袋。

reticule: [18] Reticule is a now superannuated term for a small handbag. It alludes to the fact that such bags were originally made from netted fabric. The Latin word for ‘net’ was rēte, whose diminutive form rēticulum was used for ‘netted bag’ – whence, via French réticule, English reticule. From rēticulum was derived rēticulātus ‘having a network pattern’, which has given English reticulated [18] (used by Dr Johnson in his famous definition of network: ‘any thing reticulated or decussated, at equal distances, with interstices between the intersections’, 1755). Rēte was also the source of medieval Latin retina ‘inner lining of the eyeball’, borrowed by English as retina [14].
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reticule (n.)
"a ladies' small bag," 1801, from French réticule (18c.) "a net for the hair, a reticule," from Latin reticulum "a little net, network bag" (see reticulate (adj.)).
1. The black reticule sagged under the weight of shapeless objects.


2. The paper gives a method for designing a new kind of liquid crystal reticule.


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