英 [laɪf] 美 [laɪf]
  • n. 生活,生存;寿命
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life 生命


life ’s work 毕身成就


life: [OE] Prehistoric Germanic *līb- denoted ‘remain, be left’. From this was formed the noun *lībam, which in due course produced English life (the semantic connection between ‘remaining’ and life – and the closely related live – is thought to lie in the notion of being ‘left alive after a battle’). Of the noun’s Germanic relatives, Swedish and Danish liv still mean ‘life’, but German leib and Dutch liff have moved on semantically to ‘body’. English alive is a derivative of life, not of the verb live.
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life (n.)
Old English life (dative lif) "existence, lifetime, way of life, condition of being a living thing, opposite of death," from Proto-Germanic *libam (cognates: Old Norse lif "life, body," Dutch lijf "body," Old High German lib "life," German Leib "body"), properly "continuance, perseverance," from PIE *leip- "to remain, persevere, continue; stick, adhere" (see leave (v.)). Much of the modern range of meanings was present in Old English. Meaning "property which distinguishes living from non-living matter" is from 1560s. Sense of "vitality, energy" is from 1580s. Extended 1703 to "term of duration (of inanimate objects)."

Life-jacket is from 1840; life-preserver from 1630s of anything that is meant to save a life, 1803 of devices worn to prevent drowning. Life-saver is from 1883, figurative use from 1909, as a brand of hard sugar candy, from 1912, so called for shape. Life-form is from 1861. Life cycle is from 1855.
1. No matter where you go in life or how old you get, there's always something new to learn about. After all, life is full of surprises.

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2. If you love life, life will love you back.

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3. When life gets hard and you want to give up, remember that life is full of ups and downs, and without the downs, the ups would mean nothing.


4. The happiest are not those who own all the best things, but those who can appreciate the beauty of life.

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5. If you're not satisfied with the life you're living, don't just complain. Do something about it.

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