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crumpet: [17] An isolated late 14th-century instance of the phrase crompid cake suggests that etymologically a crumpet may be literally a ‘curled-up’ cake, crompid perhaps being related to Old English crumb ‘crooked’. This was one of a wide range of closely related words descended from the Germanic base *kram- or *krem-, denoting ‘pressure’ (see CRAM). The colloquial application of the word to ‘women considered as sexually desirable’ seems to date from the 1930s.
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1690s, perhaps from crompid cake "wafer," literally "curled-up cake" (1382; Wyclif's rendering of Hebrew raqiq in Ex. 29:23), from crompid, past participle of crumpen "curl up." Alternative etymology is from Celtic (compare Breton krampoez "thin, flat cake"). Slang meaning "woman regarded as a sex object" is first recorded 1936.