英 [ɔ:'weliən] 美
  • n. 奥威尔式;奥威尔现象
  • adj. George Orwell的笔调或用字的;受严格统治而失去人性的社会的
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Orwellian 奥威尔式的,极权的

来自英国著名科幻讽刺小说《1984》作者George Orwell在书中所描述的极权统治。

Orwellian (adj.)
1950 (first attested in Mary McCarthy), from English author George Orwell (pseudonym of Eric Blair, 1903-1950), especially in reference to his novel "Nineteen Eighty-Four." Ironically, it has come to be used in reference to the totalitarian systems he satirized.
It is as if George Orwell had conceived the nightmare instead of analyzed it, helped to create it instead of helping to dispel its euphemistic thrall. [Clive James]
1. So in Orwellian fashion , the buyout firms decided to change their moniker.
因此,用奥威尔的说法, 并购公司决定改名换姓.


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