英 ['sɪkətɪv] 美
  • n. 干燥剂
  • adj. 使干燥的
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siccative 干燥的

来自拉丁语 siccare,使干燥,来自 PIE*seikw,流出,脱水,词源同 desiccate.

siccative (adj.)
1540s, from Late Latin siccativus "drying, siccative," from Latin siccatus, past participle of siccare "to dry, make dry; dry up," from siccus "dry, thirsty; without rain," from PIE root *seikw- "to flow out" (cognates: Avestan hiku- "dry," Greek iskhnos "dry, withered," Lithuanian seklus "shallow," Middle Irish sesc "dry," Sanskrit sincati "makes dry"). The noun is first recorded 1825.