英 ['bɔlʃivik] 美
  • n. 布尔什维克;泛指共产党员;激进分子
  • adj. 布尔什维克的;布尔什维主义的;激进的
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Bolshevik 布尔什维克

来自俄语,指多数派,列宁建立的俄罗斯大党。词根bel, 强,大,同multitude.

bolshevik: [20] Russian bol’ shévik is a derivative of ból’ shiy, the comparative form of the adjective ból’ shoy ‘big’. It was originally applied, at the 1903 congress of the Russian Social Democratic Party, to those party members who wished to go for a ‘big’, or extreme, socialist programme (in contrast with the more moderate Mensheviks – from Russian mén’ shij ‘less’); but since the Bolsheviks outnumbered the Mensheviks, the word soon became interpreted as ‘those in the majority in the party’. The transferred use of the English abbreviation bolshy to mean ‘stubbornly uncooperative’ dates from around 1918.
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Bolshevik (n.)
1917, from Russian bol'shiy "greater," comparative of adjective bol'shoy "big, great" (as in Bolshoi Ballet), from Old Church Slavonic boljiji "larger," from PIE root *bel- "strong" (cognates: Sanskrit balam "strength, force," Greek beltion "better," Phrygian balaios "big, fast," Old Irish odbal "strong," Welsh balch "proud;" Middle Dutch, Low German, Frisian pal "strong, firm").

It was the faction of the Russian Social Democratic Worker's Party after a split in 1903 that was either larger or more extreme (or both) than the Mensheviks (from Russian men'shij "less"); after they seized power in 1917, applied generally to Russian communists. Bolshevism is recorded from 1917.
1. Seventy-four years after the Bolshevik Revolution, the Soviet era ended.


2. The Bolshevik coup in October 1917 was the outcome of the transformation of Marxism into Leninism.


3. Sakwa: 5.3 - 5.6 ( Liquidation of Kulaks , Dizzy with Success , Bolshevik - Leninist Opposition ).
6 ( 对富农的清算 、 茫然的成就 、 布尔什维克党中列宁主义者的反对 ).


4. Bolshevik Revolution, led by Lenin, overthrew Prime Minister Alexander Kerensky's government.
俄国布尔什维克在列宁领导下发动十月革命, 推翻了克伦斯基为首的临时政府.


5. The Committee's report and hearings were instrumental in fostering anti - Bolshevik opinion.
委员会的报告和听证会都有助于推进 反 布尔什维主义主张.


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