• abbr. 动态随机存取存储器(Dynamic Random Access Memory)
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dram 少量的酒

来自希腊语drakhme, 握住,满手的,词源同drachma.引申义少量的酒。

dram: [15] Dram was borrowed from Old French drame or medieval Latin drama, which were variants respectively of dragme or dragma. Both came from drachma, the Latin version of Greek drakhmé. This was used in the Athens of classical times for both a measure of weight (hence the meaning of modern English dram) and a silver coin (hence modern Greek drakhmē), in English drachma [16].

It is thought to have originated in the notion of the ‘amount of coins that can be held in one hand’, and to have been formed from *drakh-, the base which also produced Greek drássesthai ‘grasp’. (Latin drachma is also the source of dirham [18], the name of the monetary unit used in Morocco and the United Arab Emirates.)

=> dirham, drachma
dram (n.)
mid-15c., "small weight of apothecary's measure," a phonetic spelling, from Anglo-Latin dragma, Old French drame, from Late Latin dragma, from Latin drachma "drachma," from Greek drakhma "measure of weight," also, "silver coin," literally "handful" (of six obols, the least valuable coins in ancient Athens), akin to drassesthai "to grasp." The fluid dram is one-eighth of a fluid ounce, hence "a small drink of liquor" (1713); Hence dram shop (1725), where liquor was sold by the shot.
1. Would you care for a dram?


2. The DRAM manufacturers almost have no profit margins to speak of.


3. A variety of materials are in widespread use in DRAM.


4. That puts it in the same league as conventional dynamiC - RAM ( DRAM ) chips.
这使它与常规 动态随机存储器 ( DRAM ) 芯片一样处在同一个同盟之中.


5. Anti - fuse is widely used in FPGA, DRAM, PROM, EPROM chips.
反熔丝器件 广泛地应用在FPGA 、 DRAM 、 PROM 、 EPROM芯片中.


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