英 ['gʌtəsnaɪp] 美 ['ɡʌtɚsnaɪp]
  • n. 流浪儿;贫民窟的小孩
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guttersnipe 流浪儿

gutter, 檐沟。snipe, 沙锥鸟。即臭水沟里捡东西吃的人。

guttersnipe (n.)
also gutter-snipe, 1857, from gutter (n.) + snipe (n.); originally Wall Street slang for "streetcorner broker," attested later (1869) as "street urchin," also "one who gathers rags and paper from gutters." As a name for the common snipe, it dates from 1874 but is perhaps earlier.
1. She a canny guttersnipe, and the Hive seems a second skin for her.
她是个精明的流浪儿, 巢穴就像是她的第二层皮肤一样.


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