英 ['smætə] 美
  • vi. 略知,浅知;东拉西扯地泛论;略会说
  • n. 一知半解
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smatter 东拉西拉,闲谈,充内行,略知,浅知

拟声词,模仿闲谈的声音。比较 chatter,mutter,natter.引申词义充内行,略知,略懂。

smatter (v.)
early 15c., "talk idly, chatter; talk ignorantly or superficially," of uncertain origin, perhaps imitative. Similar forms are found in Middle High German smetern "to chatter" and Swedish smattra "to patter, rattle," and compare Danish snaddre "chatter, jabber," Dutch snateren, German schnattern "cackle, chatter, prattle." Related: Smattered; smattering.
1. And why , my lady wisdom? Hold your tongue, good prudence ; smatter with your gossips, go.
为什么不该!我的聪明的太太? 谁要你多嘴, 我的好大娘?你去跟你那些婆婆妈妈们谈天去吗, 去!


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