英 ['trɒpɪk] 美 ['trɑpɪk]
  • n. 热带;回归线
  • adj. 热带的
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1. 希腊根词 trope "turn" (转向,转动) => tropic.
2. 同源词:trophy, trope, tropic, tropics.
3. 热带(tropic)拿花(r)做主题(topic).
4. 没花儿是主题,有花儿是热带,因为茂盛的花儿主要生长在热带。
tropic 回归线,热带,热带地区

来自拉丁语 tropicus,夏至的,回归线的,来自希腊语 tropikos kyklos,旋转圈,回归线圈,来 自 trope,转向,旋转,词源同 turn,trope,kyklos,圈,词源同 cycle.引申词义热带,热带地区, 即太阳的直射点最远可以到达的区域。

tropic: [14] The etymological notion underlying the word tropic is of ‘turning’, and the reason for its application to the hot regions of the world is that the two lines of latitude which bound them (the tropic of Cancer and the tropic of Capricorn) mark the points at which the sun reaches its zenith at the solstices and then ‘turns’ back. The word comes via Latin tropicus from Greek tropikós, a derivative of tropé ‘turning’ (source also of English trophy and related to the second syllable of contrive).
=> contrive, trophy, troubadour
tropic (n.)
late 14c., "either of the two circles in the celestial sphere which describe the northernmost and southernmost points of the ecliptic," from Late Latin tropicus "of or pertaining to the solstice" (as a noun, "one of the tropics"), from Latin tropicus "pertaining to a turn," from Greek tropikos "of or pertaining to a turn or change; of or pertaining to the solstice" (as a noun, "the solstice," short for tropikos kyklos), from trope "a turning" (see trope).

The notion is of the point at which the sun "turns back" after reaching its northernmost or southernmost point in the sky. Extended 1520s to the corresponding latitudes on the earth's surface (23 degrees 28 minutes north and south); meaning "region between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn" is from 1837.
1. From her mother she inherited warmth of nature and dusky, semi - tropic beauty.


2. Face west, all you plump old men, and ponder your tropic fates.
退休老人们啊, 面向西方, 为你们那莫测的祸福祈祷吧.


3. She sorted out her things for tropic travel.


4. The Tropic of Cancer is the most northerly latitude in the Northern Hemisphere.


5. South bay island Be located in semi - tropical, Tropic of Cancer is traversed.
南澳岛地处亚热带, 北回归线横贯.


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