英 [kreɪn] 美 [kren]
  • n. 吊车,起重机;鹤
  • vi. 伸着脖子看;迟疑,踌躇
  • vt. 用起重机起吊;伸长脖子
  • n. (Crane)人名;(意、葡)克拉内;(英、法、西)克兰
CET4 TEM4 考 研 CET6
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1、同源性:Old English cran "large wading bird." <=> Greek geranos "crane". <=> Latin gruem (nominative grus) "crane". => crane.
2. geranium (天竺葵,又名老鹤草) => crane.
3. 谐音“长类鸟”-----脖子伸得很长的那类鸟,就像长颈鹿一样 => 鹤。
4. Yellow Crane Tower: 黄鹤楼。
5. 故人西辞黄鹤楼, 烟花三月下扬州。 孤帆远影碧空尽, 唯见长江天际流。
6. 这可是江南三大名楼之一啊!江南三大名楼指的是:湖北武汉的黄鹤楼、江西南昌的滕王阁、湖南岳阳的岳阳楼。
7. 由于起重机长得很像鹤的长长的脖子,所以 crane 既表鹤又有起重机的意思。
crane 白鹤,起重机

来自PIE*gere, 鸣叫,拟声词。比较crow, cock, raven.

crane: [OE] Crane is a widespread Indo- European bird-name: related forms such as Latin grūs, Greek géranos (source of English geranium, also known as crane’s-bill, from the long pointed ‘beak’ of its fruit), and Welsh garan point to a prehistoric Indo-European base *ger-, possibly imitative of the bird’s raucous call. The resemblance of a crane lowering its long neck to feed or drink to the operation of a lifting apparatus with a long jib led to the application of crane to the latter in the 14th century (French grue and German kran show a similar semantic development). Cranberry [17] is a borrowing (originally American) of German cranbeere, literally ‘craneberry’, so named from the stamens, which supposedly resemble a beak.
=> cranberry, geranium, pedigree
crane (n.)
Old English cran "large wading bird," common Germanic (cognates: Old Saxon krano, Old High German krano, German Kranich, and, with unexplained change of consonant, Old Norse trani), from PIE *gere-no-, suffixed form of root *gere- (2) "to cry hoarsely," also the name of the crane (cognates: Greek geranos, Latin grus, Welsh garan, Lithuanian garnys "heron, stork"). Thus the name is perhaps an echo of its cry in ancient ears. Metaphoric use for "machine with a long arm" is first attested late 13c. (a sense also in equivalent words in German and Greek).
crane (v.)
"to stretch (the neck)," 1799, from crane (n.). Related: Craned; craning.
1. Crane is a kind of bird with very long legs and neck.


2. We used a crane to lift the piano into the theatre.


3. Must we wait till the crane arrives before we start loading?
非要等起重机来了才能装运 吗 ?


4. They built a crane capable of lifting 150 tons.


5. The crane uplifted the car and moved it to a safer place.


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