英 ['liːənaɪn] 美 ['liənaɪn]
  • adj. 狮子的,狮子般的
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leonine 像狮子的


leonine (adj.)
"lion-like," late 14c., from Old French leonin or directly from Latin leoninus "belonging to or resembling a lion," from leo (genitive leonis) "lion." Weekley thinks that Leonine verse (1650s), rhymed in the middle as well as the end of the line, probably is from the name of some medieval poet, perhaps Leo, Canon of St. Victor, Paris, 12c.
1. The love of a mother for her children is dominant, leonine, selfish and unselfish.
母亲对子女的爱是出众的, 强健的, 自私的,又是公正的.


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