英 ['trɒləp] 美 ['trɑləp]
  • n. 妓女;堕落的女人
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trollop 荡妇,妓女

可能来自 troll,旋转,滚动。引申词义词义流浪者,漫游者,后用于指荡妇,妓女。

1610s, "slovenly woman," often with implications of moral looseness, probably from troll (v.) in sense of "roll about, wallow."
[A] certain Anne Hayward, wife of Gregory Hayward of Beighton, did in the parishe church of Beighton aforesaid in the time of Divine Service or Sermon there, and when the Minister was reading & praying, violently & boisterously presse & enter into the seat or place where one Elizabeth, wife of Robert Spurlinir, was quietly at her Devotion & Duty to Almighty God and then and there did quarrel chide & braule & being evilly & inalitiously bent did use then and there many rayleing opprobrious Speeches & Invectives against the said Elizabeth calling her Tripe & Trallop, to the great disturbance both of the Minister and Congregation. [Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Suffolk, Court Proceedings, 1682]
1. And while I may endure a trollop for a wife, I won't endure a coward.
我可以忍受自己的老婆当娼妇, 可不能忍受一个胆小鬼.


2. You have the vague sense that the hospital administrator dresses like a trollop?
那记得那个穿的象妓女的医院行政主管 吗 ?


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