英 ['kɔːdərɒɪ; -djʊ-] 美 ['kɔrdə'rɔi]
  • n. [纺] 灯芯绒,楞条花布;灯芯绒裤子;用灯芯绒布制的衣服
  • adj. 灯芯绒做的;泥地上用木头铺排成的
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corduroy 灯芯绒

俗词源认为该词来自royal cord, 即皇室专用绒。

corduroy: [18] Popular etymology usually associates corduroy with a supposed French corde du roy ‘cord of the king’ or even couleur du roy ‘king’s colour’ (the original corduroy having according to this theory been purple), but in fact there is no concrete evidence to substantiate this. A more likely explanation is that the word’s first syllable represents cord in the sense ‘ribbed fabric’, and that the second element is the now obsolete noun duroy ‘coarse woollen fabric’ [17], of unknown origin.
corduroy (n.)
1780, probably from cord + obsolete 17c. duroy, name of a coarse fabric made in England, which is of unknown origin. Folk etymology is from *corde du roi "the king's cord," but this is not attested in French, where the term for the cloth was velours à côtes. Applied in U.S. to a road of logs across swampy ground (1780s) on similarity of appearance.
CORDUROY ROAD. A road or causeway constructed with logs laid together over swamps or marshy places. When properly finished earth is thrown between them by which the road is made smooth; but in newly settled parts of the United States they are often left uncovered, and hence are extremely rough and bad to pass over with a carriage. Sometimes they extend many miles. They derive their name from their resemblance to a species of ribbed velvet, called corduroy. [Bartlett]
1. He wore brown corduroy pants and a white cotton shirt.


2. He wore an ill-fitting green corduroy suit.


3. Nicholas was wearing a corduroy jacket.


4. He took a bunch of keys from the pocket of his old corduroy trousers.


5. Corduroy and Velvet Fabrics, Blankets, Bedspreads, Wool Fabrics, Cotton Fabrics.
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