英 ['sʌtlə] 美 ['sʌtlɚ]
  • n. 军中小贩
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sutler 军中小贩,随军伙夫

来自早期拼写形式 suttler,军中小贩,随军贩卖食物的人,最终来自 PIE*seut,煮沸,沸腾, 词源同 seethe,沸腾,翻滚,生闷气。

sutler (n.)
formerly also suttler, "person who follows an army to sell food to soldiers," 1580s, from Middle Dutch soeteler "small tradesman, peddler, victualer, camp cook" (Dutch zoetelaar), cognate with Middle Low German suteler, sudeler "person who performs dirty tasks," Middle High German sudelen "to cook badly," Middle Dutch soetelen "to cook badly." Probably also related to Dutch zieder, German sieden "to seethe," from Proto-Germanic *suth-, from PIE root *seut- "to seethe, boil" (see seethe).
1. Jim Sutler and his donkey arrived at the wooded Indian well about noon.


2. A supplier of victuals ; a sutler.
你和哪一家 供应商 交易?


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