英 [swɒn] 美 [swɑn]
  • n. 天鹅;天鹅星座
  • vi. 游荡,闲荡
  • n. (Swan)人名;(英、芬、德)斯旺
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1. sound => swan.
2. perhaps the swan was originally named for the (admittedly rather unmusical) sound it makes.
3. 天鹅湖: 天鹅湖是世界上最出名的芭蕾舞剧: Swan Lake.
4. 美国电影:《黑天鹅》:《Black Swan》。
5. 黑天鹅事件(Black swan event)指非常难以预测,且不寻常的事件,通常会引起市场连锁负面反应甚至颠覆。
6. 国内著名品牌:小天鹅(Little Swan)洗衣机。
7. 谐音“四玩”-----四处玩耍。
swan 天鹅

来自古英语 swan,天鹅,来自 Proto-Germanic*swanaz,天鹅,歌者,来自 PIE*swen,唱歌,发 出声音,词源同 sound.可能是因为传说中天鹅在临死之前会发出美妙的歌声而得名。

swan: [OE] Swan is a general Germanic word, with relatives in German schwan, Dutch zwaan, Swedish svan, and Danish svane. These all come from a prehistoric base *swan-, which may go back ultimately to Indo-European *swon-, *swen- ‘make sound’ (source of Latin sonus ‘sound’, from which English gets sound). If it does, the swan was originally named for the (admittedly rather unmusical) sound it makes.
=> sound
swan (n.)
Old English swan "swan," from Proto-Germanic *swanaz "singer" (cognates: Old Saxon swan, Old Norse svanr, Danish svane, Swedish svan, Middle Dutch swane, Dutch zwaan, Old High German swan, German Schwan), probably literally "the singing bird," from PIE root *swen- "to sing, make sound" (see sound (n.1)); thus related to Old English geswin "melody, song" and swinsian "to make melody."

In classical mythology, sacred to Apollo and to Venus. The singing of swans before death was alluded to by Chaucer (late 14c.), but swan-song (1831) is a translation of German Schwanengesang. The ancient Indo-European mythical swan-maiden so called by mythographers from 1829. Swan dive is recorded from 1898. A black swan was proverbial for "something extremely rare or non-existent" (late 14c.), after Juvenal ["Sat." vi. 164], but later they turned up in Australia (Chenopsis atratus).
"Do you say no worthy wife is to be found among all these crowds?" Well, let her be handsome, charming, rich and fertile; let her have ancient ancestors ranged about her halls; let her be more chaste than all the dishevelled Sabine maidens who stopped the war--a prodigy as rare upon the earth as a black swan! yet who could endure a wife that possessed all perfections? I would rather have a Venusian wench for my wife than you, O Cornelia, mother of the Gracchi, if, with all your virtues, you bring me a haughty brow, and reckon up Triumphs as part of your marriage portion. [Juvenal]
1. Lord Swan was made a life peer in 1981.


2. The team's mascot is a giant swan.


3. The swan flapped its wings noisily.


4. The stately swan glides gracefully on the pond.


5. A young swan is called a cygnet.


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