• n. 爱奢侈享乐的人
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sybarite 贪图享乐的人

来自拉丁语 Sybarita,来自希腊语 Sybarites,居住在 Sybaris 城的人,来自 Sybaris,古希腊南部城 市,其居民以贪图享乐,骄奢淫逸著称。

sybarite: [16] Sybaris was an ancient Greek colony in southern Italy. It was a flourishing trading centre, and its inhabitants put their considerable wealth to the service of unrestrained self-indulgence. Their luxurious and debauched ways became a byword in the ancient world, and Greek Subarítēs ‘inhabitant of Sybaris’ came to be synonymous with ‘pleasure-seeker’, and also with ‘lecher’ – both heterosexual and homosexual. English acquired the word via Latin Sybarīta, and has rather toned down its connotations.
sybarite (n.)
"person devoted to pleasure," 1590s, literally "inhabitant of Sybaris," ancient Greek town in southern Italy, whose people were noted for their love of luxury. From Latin Sybarita, from Greek Sybarites.
1. We should keep away from being a sybarite.


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