英 [ɪ,kliːzɪ'æstɪk] 美 [ɪ,klizɪ'æstɪk]
  • n. 神职人员;牧师;教会
  • adj. 教会的;神职者的;牧师的
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ecclesiastic 教士,圣职人员

ec-, 向外。-cles, 召唤,词源同call. 用于神学术语,即召集民众到教堂来传道的圣职人员。

ecclesiastic (adj.)
late 15c., from Middle French ecclésiastique and directly from Late Latin ecclesiasticus, from Greek ekklesiastikos "of the (ancient Athenian) assembly," in late Greek, "of the church," from ekklesiastes "speaker in an assembly or church, preacher," from ekkalein "to call out," from ek "out" (see ex-) + kalein "to call" (see claim (v.)). As a noun, "one holding an office in the Christian ministry," 1650s; it also was used as a noun in Late Latin.