英 [mæt] 美 [mæt]
  • n. 垫;垫子;衬边
  • vt. 缠结;铺席于……上
  • vi. 纠缠在一起
  • adj. 无光泽的
  • n. (Mat)人名;(土)马特;(柬)马;(英)马特,玛特(女名)(教名Matthew、Martha、Matilda的昵称)
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mat 小地毯,垫子


mat: English has two distinct words mat. The one meaning ‘small carpet’ [OE] is ultimately of Latin origin (matta), but it found its way into the West Germanic group of languages in prehistoric times, and has produced German matte and Dutch mat as well as English mat. Mat (or matt) meaning ‘dull’ [17] comes from French mat ‘dead’, which is also the source of the chess term mate.
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mat (n.1)
loosely joined natural materials used as bedding, etc., Old English matte, from Late Latin matta "mat made of rushes" (4c.), probably from Punic or Phoenician matta (compare Hebrew mittah "bed, couch"). Meaning "tangled mass" is from 1835. That of "piece of padded flooring used in gymnastics or wrestling" is attested from 1892; hence figurative phrase go to the mat "do battle" (1910). The Latin word also is the source of German Matte, matze; Dutch mat, Italian matta. French natte "mat, matting" is from Late Latin secondary form natta (compare napkin).
mat (adj.)
1640s, "lusterless, dull" (of a color or surface), from French mat "dull, dead surface," from Old French mat "beaten down, withered, afflicted, dejected; dull," which is perhaps from Latin mattus "maudlin with drink," from madere "to be wet or sodden, be drunk," from PIE root *mad- "to be wet, drip" (see mast (n.2)). Or the French word might represent a transferred use from chess of mater "to checkmate, defeat," from Arabic (see mate (v.2)).
mat (n.2)
"sheet of backing material," 1845, from French mat "dull surface or finish" (15c.), noun use of Old French mat (adj.); see mat (adj.).
mat (v.)
early 15c., "to make mats," from mat (n.1). From 1540s as "to provide with mats, to cover with mats;" meaning "to become tangled" is from 1570s. Related: Matted; matting.
1. She touched the thick mat of sandy hair on his chest.


2. The relatively short [ A ] of mat and the relatively long [ A ] of mad are allophones.
单词mat中较短的 [ A ] 和 单词 mad中较长的A是音素的变形.


3. Bring a sleeping bag and foam mat.


4. There was a letter on the mat.


5. Wipe your feet on the mat before you come in, please.


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