英 ['diːkæl] 美 ['dikæl]
  • n. 贴花纸;贴花釉法
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decal 印花法

de-, 向下。-cal, 踩踏,踢,词源同inculcate, recalcitrant. 即踩下去,印上去,一种把花纸上的花纹转移到玻璃或陶瓷上的烧制技术。

decal (n.)
by 1909, shortening of decalcomania, from French décalcomanie, from décalquer (18c.) "transferring of a tracing from specially prepared paper to glass, porcelain, etc." (in vogue in France 1840s, England 1862-64), from de- "off" + calquer "to press," from Italian calcare, from Latin calcare "to tread on, press."
Time was when there were only printers employed in making the sheets that were stuck on the ware, giving the old-time term of "plain print." This form of decoration was succeeded a few years ago by the decalcomania or "decal." This "decal" is an imported sheet, lithographed, and the little sprigs, flowers and scenes are cut out and stuck on the ware. ["Brick, the Leading Clay Journal," April 1909]
1. The decal doesn't adhere to the window.


2. The contribution entitles you to a reflective decal.


3. If applicable, remove the cover from face of decal.
如果可行, 从贴纸表面拆下覆盖物.


4. We can produce all kinds of ceramic ashtray, like glazed, decal, etc.
供应各种陶瓷烟灰缸, 如:色釉, 白色烤花等.


5. Decalcomania paper: Themporary base paper for decal process.
贴花基纸: 贴花纸印刷用的暂时性基纸.


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