英 ['tɜːbət] 美 ['tɝbət]
  • n. 大比目鱼
  • n. (Turbot)人名;(法)蒂博
分类标签: 鱼类
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1. 谐音“特儿扁的”。
2. thorn + butt (比目鱼) => turbot.
3. tur- (thorn => tur-) + -bot (butt => -but => -bot) => turbot.
4. turbot (Old French turbut) <===> halibut.
turbot 大菱鲆

来自古法语 turbut,大菱鲆,可能来自拉丁语 turbo,旋转,旋顶,回旋,词源同 turbine.比喻用 法。

turbot: [13] The turbot is etymologically the ‘thorn-flatfish’. Its name comes via Old French turbot from Old Swedish törnbut ‘turbot’. This was a compound noun formed from törn ‘thorn’ (a relative of English thorn) and but ‘flatfish’, a borrowing from Middle Low German but which probably denoted etymologically ‘stumpy’, and also supplied the final syllable of English halibut [15]. The name presumably alludes to the bony nodules on the fish’s back.
=> halibut, thorn
turbot (n.)
large, edible flatfish, c. 1300, from Old French turbut (12c., Modern French turbot), probably from a Scandinavian source (compare Old Swedish törnbut, from törn "thorn" + but "flatfish;" see halibut). But OED says of uncertain origin and speculates on a connection to Latin turbo "spinning top."
1. Low sales for turbot during the past months have led to a price drop.


2. Moreover, substitute products are still showing lower prices when compared with turbot.
而且, 一些可替代产品在与大菱的竞争中又降低了价格.


3. The adenosine triphosphatease ( ATPase ) gene of turbot reddish body iridovirus ( TRBIV ) was cloned and sequenced.
克隆了大菱鲆红体病虹彩病毒 ( TRBIV ) 的重要功能蛋白———腺苷三磷酸酶(adenosinetriphosphatease,ATPase ) 基因的全部编码区及其上下游部分的核苷酸序列.


4. Flounder, turbot and sea bream are all the important marine - culture fishes in China.
牙鲆 、 大菱鲆、真鲷是当前我国重要的海水养殖鱼类.


5. Abstract: articlethe first to study on pharmacokinetic and eliminate of OTC in turbot after oral administration.
摘要: 首次研究大菱鲆口服土霉素的药代动力学特征及残留消除规律.


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