英 ['rægəmʌfɪn] 美 ['rægə'mʌfɪn]
  • n. 衣衫褴褛的人(尤指贫穷褴褛的儿童)
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ragamuffin 衣着破旧的小孩


ragamuffin (n.)
mid-14c., "demon," also in surnames (Isabella Ragamuffyn, 1344), from Middle English raggi "ragged" ("rag-y"?) + fanciful ending (or else second element is Middle Dutch muffe "mitten"). Or, as Johnson has it, "From rag and I know not what else." Ragged was used of the devil from c. 1300 in reference to "shaggy" appearance. Raggeman was used by Langland as the name of a demon, and compare Old French Ragamoffyn, name of a demon in a mystery play. Sense of "dirty, disreputable boy" is from 1580s. Compare in the same sense ragabash (c. 1600).